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What is Nova?

Nova is a high performance fully modular 3D printer hotend developed in house by 3D Passion Inc. Nova is built around two goals: Speed and Quality. Nova hotend allows for a very fast printing speed while not compromising print quality and offers an outstanding speed performance (speaking 300mm/s+), very low ooze rate, the lowest backpressure on a market that further improves the quality of your prints, extremely well handled retractions due to unique internal geometry that only Nova has on a market. Unlike other hotends, one Nova model can handle both - high flow printing of large parts and precision printing of micro sized parts, thanks to a different geometry inside unlike anything on a market. And by the way our clog proof statement is still here after 800 units are sold in 2019 and being used daily: nobody has managed to clog Nova once. Nova is the hotend you all deserve to have for the money hotends cost on a market. It’s a performance workhorse that “just works”.

Nova core features:

  • 47mm3/s flow speed during actual printing and at normal filament rated temperature
  • wondering where 47mm3/s can get you? Use the tool (Nova data is prefilled):

But enough talk!

Nova Hotend speed printing demos:

Nova hotend owners video reviews and feedback:

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