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And What is Nova?

Nova is a high performance hotend that is compatible with the 3D printer you already own!

  • Print at high flow at 300+ mm/s speeds thanks to a thermal design that works!
  • Nope, no catch here. It's not limited to 0.1 layers, this speed was tested with 0.25 layer height.
  • And no, you don't need special extruder either. All tests were intentionally conducted on popular hardware that most of you already use.
  • Nova is literally clog-proof. If you manage to clog it, please share your secret!
  • Up to 80% less active cooling is required. Allows to reduce fan speed and eliminate all the noise.
  • Nova features a fully modular design. Every component is customizable according to your budget and your specific needs. Printing PLA? Choose a stock version. Suddenly feel like going watercooled? Got you covered! Keep the existing hotend and get a quick add-on without breaking the bank.
  • EasyLevel - Hotend height is easily adjustable for multi-extruder setups.
  • QuickSwap - Quickly change print cores in under 1 minute without having to replace the whole hotend.
  • No cheap parts, no settling for less, no BS. Every component is produced with only performance and quality in mind, not our bottom line.
  • Smaller thinner titanium heatbreaks do the job 2x better.
  • Smaller thinner nozzles because why not!
  • Improved 60-80-100 Watt heaters, 500C rated. Let's heat things up!
  • Reach 210C in under 20 seconds!
  • Reach 500C in under 50 seconds!
  • Shorter sturdier hotend to make sure there is no play at the tip
  • PEEK enabled - print at up to 500C, easy!

What’s in the box?

  • High performance chrome plated copper heater block
  • no costly upgrades necessary.
  • XS custom designed nozzles (brass and HRC65 steel)
  • designed for improved thermal performance.
  • XS custom designed M4 titanium heatbreak.
  • designed from the scratch for maximum performance and heat separation.
  • Choice of 3 heatsinks
  • aluminum heatsink with QuickSwap and EasyLevel
  • universal heatsink compatible with direct and bowden extruders
  • improved fins density over market hotends leads to higher thermal performance.
  • Choice of 3 heaters
  • 60W 24V 500C rated Incoloy800 heaters with QuickSwap plugs
  • 80W 24V 500C rated Incoloy800 heaters with QuickSwap plugs
  • 100W 24V 500C rated Incoloy800 heaters with QuickSwap plugs

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